Vote Gettysburg as #1 History Destination!

USA Today is doing a reader’s poll on the top history destination in the United States. So far, Gettysburg is heading the list! Visit the link and cast your vote!

Protesters March in Support of Confederate Flag

I attended my first ever protest this afternoon in Gettysburg. The protest was for the Confederate Flag. I think the leader in Confederate attire said it best when he gathered us before the march and said, “The American flag will go first because we

New Tour Book: Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg

  Last weekend we made the short pilgrimage up to Harrisburg’s Civil War Museum. This is our first trip to this museum and we were thrilled to finally be able to see it. Our reasons for making the drive north were two-fold, however. A

Battle of Gettysburg Re-Enactments Postponed

Heavy rain showers this year have had quite an impact on Gettysburg’s summertime events. First the Fireman’s Carnival was cancelled when trucks carrying heavy equipment couldn’t drive across the sodden ground without sinking. Now, the Battle of Gettysburg’s re-enactments have been postponed until August.

Monument of the Day: 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves

The monument to the Second Pennsylvania Reserves is located south of Gettysburg on Ayers Avenue at the eastern edge of The Wheatfield in the Gettysburg National Military Park. The 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves was commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg by Lieutenant Colonel George A.

Ziegler’s Grove Transformation Continues

The Gettysburg battlefield is slowly regaining its 1863 appearance, and nowhere is this more evident than Ziegler’s Grove. The transformation of this vital piece of battlefield began in 2009 with the demolition of the old visitor’s center. The Cyclorama was demolished in 2013. The

What Gettysburg Meant to its Veterans

One of the lectures from last winter’s lecture series discussed an aspect of the Civil War we often forget. After the surrender at Appomattox, veterans returned to their homes but the war never left their hearts. The cornerstone of the massive Soldiers National Monument —